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AIA 会长呼吁会计师们为 2018 年 WCOA 的财务改革做准备

发布日期:2018-11-16 17:14:54


AIA 会长呼吁会计师们为 2018 WCOA 的财务改革做准备



AIA President Les Bradley headed an AIA delegation to the World Congress of Accountants organised by the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) in Sydney, Australia, on 5 – 8 November 2018.

AIA 会长 Les Bradley 率领 AIA 代表团出席了国际会计师联合会(IFAC) 2018 11 5 日至 8 日在澳大利亚悉尼举办的世界会计师大会。


Attended by over 5,000 accountants, professional accountancy bodies, standard-setters, technology partners and regulators, this year the WCOA challenged professional accountants’ thinking on truth and trust, the future of the global economy, and economic and social change.

今年,逾 5000 名会计师、专业会计机构、标准制定者、技术合作伙伴和监管机构参加了 WCOA 的年会,挑战了专业会计师对真理和信任、全球经济的未来以及经济和社会变化的思考。


The AIA delegation used the opportunity provided by the World Congress to discuss AIA’s professional education approach, IFAC membership application and engage with other professional accountancy organisations to find common ground on approaches to standard-setting and representation.

AIA 代表团借由世界大会提供的机会,讨论了AIA 的专业教育方法、IFAC 会员申请以及与其他专业会 计组织的合作,以找到制定标准和代表的共同点。


Recognising that accountants will have to refine, enhance and extend their professional skills as the accountancy profession is radically altered with the rise of AI, automated processes and the impact of digital currencies and blockchain on finance, AIA President Les Bradley said, ‘it is vital that professional accountants prepare for the accounting revolution: Artificial Intelligence is here and fundamentally changing our industry.’

意识到会计的专业技能将被改进,作为专业会计师提高并扩展他们的专业技能,随着人工智能的崛起,自动化的进程以及数字货币和区块链对金融的影响进行了彻底的改变,AIA 主席 Les Bradley 说,对于 会计革命来说,这是至关重要的:人工智能在这里,并且从根本上改变了我们的行业。


WCOA keynotes also outlined the opportunities of artificial intelligence, with insights from Addo AI CEO Dr Ayesha Khanna, facilitated by Emergent CEO Holly Ransom. The future presents unique challenges for the accountancy profession, and professional accountancy organisations must adapt to equip their members with the skills to meet these new opportunities.

WCOA的主旨演讲还概述了人工智能的机遇,Addo AI首席执行官Ayesha Khanna博士在CEO Holly Ransom的协助下提出了自己的见解。未来会给会计行业带来独特的挑战,专业会计机构必须适应,让 他们的成员有能力应对这些新的机遇。


Technology is also becoming key in our workplaces and WCOA provided sessions and discussion groups to promote a greater understanding of how to make the most out of every opportunity by leveraging and implementing technology. 

技术在我们的工作环境中也成为了关键,WCOA 提供了会议和讨论小组来促进更深入的理解如何利用和实施技术,充分利用每一个机会。


Zhao Mingji (President) and Chen Yugui (Executive Vice President & Secretary General) of the Chinese Institute of Certified Public Accountants (CICPA)]


Additional keynote sessions were delivered by Professor Niall Ferguson discussing financial upheaval, and Michael Woodford and Diana B Henriques examined in detail two scandals that changed the profession and shone a light on corruption: Olympus and Madoff. AIA’s President stressed the important role professional skills and ethics play in ensuring that International Accountants work to uncover malpractice and maintain transparency.

另外,尼尔•弗格森教授(Niall Ferguson)也发表了主题演讲,讨论金融动荡问题。Michael Woodford Diana B Henriques 详细分析了两起丑闻 Olympus Madoff,这两起丑闻改变了这个行业,并让人们 看到了腐败现象。AIA 总裁强调了专业技能和职业道德在确保国际会计师发现不当行为和保持透明度方 面发挥着重要作用。


The congress also focussed on efforts professional accountants can make to champion integrity, shape policies to protect public interests as well as the importance of global and cultural diversity in leadership.

大会还集中讨论了职业会计师在维护诚信、制定保护公共利益的政策以及全球和文化多样性在领导力方 面的重要性等方面所能做的努力。


A further key issue addressed was best practice. Delegates were able to access the knowledge of the world’s thought leaders and contribute to a global conversation about what best practice is, and how to utilise it.



WCOA also looked to the future, exploring the challenges coming for professional accountants and how they may be successfully faced. By recognising the future of the accountancy profession, WCOA gave prominence to young accountants changing the world through their skills and leadership and highlighted in its final keynote that professional accountants could bring change to their profession, exploring future skills and the future economy.

WCOA 也着眼于未来,探索专业会计师们将如何成功地面对未来的挑战。认识到会计业的未来,WCOA 特别关注年轻会计师以他们的技能和领导能力改变世界,并在最后的主题演讲中强调专业会计师可以为 他们的职业带来改变,探索未来的技能和未来的经济。

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